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WTF AM I DOING!? [Sep. 19th, 2005|11:44 pm]
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]
[Current Music |Didn't steal your boyfriend-Ashlee Simpson]

So I'm a very confused little girl tonight!! Ok so i met this boy named robbie.. hes sweet, like a really nice guy and everything, but the only thing we ever do when we're alone is makeout and stuff!! Like i mean i'm all for makin out but i mean i want to do other things as well, like talk, just hang out!And i dont even know if we're "Going Out" like tonight this girl named Penney asked me if Robbie was my boyfriend, and like i didn't even know what to say!! Its weird!! Cause I was all for the friends with benefits relationship before...but now that i'm actually in one all i want is a REAL relationship!! And i dont even know how to talk to him about it because i dont want to seem like a retard! what do i say.. "hey robbie are you my boyfriend?" or "hey robbie can we talk instead of making out". I like him!! And i really just don't want him to ditch me for some Holy Cross or Harrington Whore! I kinda don't want to lose him.. this is sooo not me either! I dont understand it at all!! I mean ask anyone of my friends and they'll tell you that i'm not a relationship, committment type of girl!! I JUST WANT A BOYFRIEND!!!!! AHHH I"M GOING INSANE!! ANY WAYS I"M OUT FOR THE NIGHT!!
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Vanier Ladies "Born in the 80's" [Sep. 19th, 2005|09:48 am]
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |Feels Like Today-Rascal Flatts]

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE UNIVERSITY.. its sooo funny i havent been homesick really yet!! And then i was home this past weekend and i missed STU! I couldnt wait to come back!!! St.Thomas is really awesome! Like well i dunno there was a party friday night at Harrington and i hung out with this boy that i guess u could say i'm seeing.. and i had such a good time!! I was scared for a few mins tho! LOVE U JAS!! hahah So about this boy.. his name is Robbie and he is sooooooo cute!! And i got him into the oc !! YAY ME!!
Anyways I;ll write more later!
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2005|09:27 am]
This is my last day of work! I work an 8-4 at Childrens Wish, and then a 5-10 tonight at DQ! Its soo insane how fast this summer went by!! Like really I have 7 Nova Scotia Days left, it sucks i'm spending 3 of them in Cape Breton!! But I have to see my nan! So my time is pretty much almost booked solid for next week between packing, and Tuesday Priest and Ray are taking me out to see the house and we're hanging out for the day!! Man am i gonna miss them :( I'll get to see them when i come home for Christmas!! They are too sweet, i wish everyone could have teachers like those two! Wednesday is pretty packed... its WELCOME HOME JASMINE DAY!
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2005|01:08 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |the song on C100]

so i'm at work and i'm supposed to be stuffing envelopes but i think i'll detour from the for now..

1. What did you want to be when you were younger? actress/ballerina/singer
2. What's your favourite type of music? oldies like Frank Sinatra, and BSB<3
3. What do you spend most of your time doing? reading, hanging out, working
4. Would you rather stay at home or go out? depends
5. What is your favourite fast food restaurant? Subway
6. What is your favourite restaurant? uh...Jungle Jims
7. Are you a farmer? no:( that would be fun tho
8. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? umm my dad
9. How much do you think about the opposite sex?tooo much.. boys run through my head 24/7
10. What's your favourite toothpaste? not gross stuff
11. What kind of grades do you make? they could be better
12. If you could go anywhere where would you go? All over the world
13. How many people do you live with? 1, my mom
14. What is your favourite sport? field hockey, curling, hockey
15. How many kids do you want? 2
16. What would you name them? i'm thinking wayne and sidney for boys or sidney and claire for girls
17. What colour lipgloss/lipstick do you wear? clear.
18. Coke or pepsi? water!
19. What's the last thing you bought from a pharmacy? Cosmo
20. Have you ever been in a wreck? no
21. When do you usually go to bed?12 weeknights.. 3 or 4 on weekends
22. What's the worst thing you've ever done? come home way past curfew wayy to drunk and didnt tell mom where i was
23. Do you attend church? well i did but then i took up curling so i'm a C&E type girl (Christmas and Easter)
24. How many friends do you have? i don't usually count
25. What's your greatest accomplishment? umm.. mvp Curling and Field Hockey at School.. or interviewin Croz and Dixon after WJ's or having an interview used on 12 radio stations in NFLd.
26. What do you plan to be when you’re older? Don Cherry
27. What's your favourite pjs? and random shirt and pants/shorts lol
28. What's your favourite thing to do? shop or go to hockey games
29. What colour hair do you have? brown, but it may change tomorrow
30. Do you sing well? i can get by
31. Have you ever been in love? dunno
32. Would you eat a cockroach for 500$? no
33. Are you afraid of the dark? no
34. Are you bored? yup
35. Where's the last place you've been? superstore
36. Do you wear a lot of black? nope
37. Do you get along with your parents? not really
38. Would you consider yourself popular? umm i wouldn't say yes or no to that i pretty much get along with everyone but i'm more b-list than a-list.
39. Do you live in the country, burbs or city? 'burbs
40. Most painful experience? moms cancer.. both rounds
41. Most happy experience? hugging the stanley cup!
42. Have you ever been stalked? yep,by Creepy my pet leb
43. Have you ever egged a house? Nope... carded houses tho!
44. Do you go hunting? No.
45. Do you support PETA? ??
46. Do people think you're crazy? sumtimes
47. How many people on your buddy list? 175
48. NHL or NFL? NHL
49. Do you ever scream into a pillow? Yes.
50. How many songs do you know the words to? way too many
51. Have you ever drowned a fish? u cant drown fish!
52. Do you listen to the beatles? YES
53. Do you listen to eminem? No.
54. Do you know anyone who thinks they're eminem? no
55. Do you read books often? yep
56. Do you strive to fit in? sometimes
57. Fave gum? vanilla mint.. trident splash
58. Do you snore? softly unless i have a cold and then i snore pretty loud
59. Are you afraid of thunderstorms? i like them!
60. Do you care what you look like? yeah sometimes...sometimes i could care less
61. Is your hair colour fake? yeah
62. What are you wearing? cargo capris, hot pink halter, long sleeved striped henley
63. When's the last time you talk to anyone?umm 10 secs ago
64. Do you fall in love easily? no...i fall in lust easily tho
65. What’s your best physical feature? Eyes
66. What attracts you most to the opposite sex? eyes, teeth, personality
67. Are you picky about who you date? VERY!
68. What's your favourite cologne?umm the stuff cord,corm and swan have.. YUM!
69. What's your favourite perfume? LA
70. Do you like roller coasters? Yes!!!!
71. Have you ever flown in an airplane? Yes.
72. Do you have big feet? yes
73. Have you ever gone bungee jumping? No.
74. Have you ever been to Paris? Nope
75. Do you believe in vampires? maybe
76. If you could become a vampire would you? haha yeah that'd be weird tho
77. Would you call yourself normal? nope
78. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? yes
79. Have you ever stolen anything? money from my moms purse
80. Do you eat seafood? yep
81. Have you ever been drunk or high or both? both
82. Ever drove while drunk? No.
83. Do you drink a lot or at all? umm everyonce in a while at a party or sumthing.
84. Have you ever lit yourself on fire? almost
85. How many people do you trust with your life? quite a few
86. Are you considered intelligent? Sometimes.
87. Are you considered a nerd? yeah
88. Do you talk on the phone a lot? yes well i used to when jas was home! i miss her :*(
89. How often do you take a shower? Every day mostly
90. What kind of body wash do you use? Lush, fairy jasmine
91. What's your favourite candy bar? Mars/M&Ms
92. Ever got detention? yes
93. Ever been suspended? No.
94. What's better punk or prep? mix of both
95. Ever blew a beverage out your nose? Yes.. rootbeer, haha.
96. Do you like jaw breakers? yep
97. What colour is your room? white
98. What do you say a lot? "like"
99. What's your best personality trait? sense of humour?
100. What's your worst personality trait? lots
101. Do you have medical problems? not really
102. Are you listening to anything? C100
103. What’s the last movie you've watched in theatres? Land of The Dead
104. Who is your favourite friend? favourite or best? doesn't matter Jasmine is both!
105. Who do you get along with the best? all of them..
106. Who you do fight with a lot? umm rene
107. Who are your funniest friends? morgan or kay
108. Do you talk too much? yep
109. Ever fell asleep in class? nope
110. Sneakers or open toed shoes? sneakers
111. Can you do a cartwheel? yep
112. Ever been camping? Yep
113. Shorts or jeans? jeans and skirts
114. Double dates or just the two of you? both are fun
115. Do you go to camp? i used to
116. When's the last time your parents spanked you? when I was two?
117. Can you rhyme well? sure!
118. Have you ever belonged to a gang? No.
119. Know people who belong to a gang? I don’t think.
120. Do you smoke cigarettes? No.
121. Indoors or outdoors? outdoors
122. Have you ever gotten beat up? No, but i've gotten in fist fights
123. Do you know how to cook? Yeah.
124. Do you know how to do laundry? Yeah.
125. When you get pizza how many slices do you eat? depends on the size of the peice and how hungry i am..
126. How tall are you? 5’8".
127. Do you consider yourself too fat/skinny? just right
128. Do you watch the super bowl? ewww
129. What's your least favourite colour? ummm its this gross greeny brown color
130. Have you ever faked being sick? yes
131. Ever done something illegal? i drove after 12 once..underage consumption of alcohol
132. What's the longest you've stayed up? 7 in the morning
133. Are you afraid of dying? it's not one of my favorite things to think about
134. What's your biggest regret? its normally that i didn't make my move soon enough
135. Ever picked up a hitchhiker? No.
136. Is your name on bathroom walls? I don’t think.
137. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? noo
138. What annoys you most? hmm...dunno
139. Favourite scary movie? dunno
140. Favourite action movie? je ne sais pas
141. Fave romantic movie? ummmmm not to sure
142. Do you have an accent? i dont think
143. Who is your role model? mother dearest
144. Do you like surprises? i like to be surprised but i hate surprises such as presents i like to snoop
145. What's the ideal age to die? Old, and when you're lonely
146. Do you like to dance? LOVE DANCING!!!!!
147. Ever took ballet? Yes & tap and Jazz
148. Bold or pastel colours? bold
149. Do you still wear Tommy Hilfiger? No.
150. What brand do you wear most? um AE or Roxy by Quiksilver
151. What do you normally watch on tv? OC, Gilmore Girls,7th Heaven, Viva La Bam, and Dead Like Me
152. Do you have any special talents? not really
153. What's your favourite sport? curling,field hockey and hockey
154. Can you swim? Yes.
155. Can you play a musical instrument? piano and trumpet
156. What star sign are you? scorpio
157. Do you prefer public schools or private? Public, though i always wanted to have a uniform haha
158. Do you care what people think? sometimes
159. Have you ever shot a gun? A paintball gun
160. What's your biggest fear? lots of stuff
161. How many hours of sleep do you normally get? 5-10
162. Regular ice or crushed? crushed
163. Blue ink or black? blue.
164. Are your clothes loose or tight fit? in between
165. Have any piercings? 3.. i had 4 but it got infected
166. Gold or silver? silver
167. What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? umm its a shampoo bar from Lush
168. Do you blow dry your hair? yes and straighten
169. What do you sleep in? pj pants/shorts and a tshirt
170. What's the last book you've read? um...girls on film
171. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Britney
172. Spiderman or Daredevil? Spiderman.
173. Have you ever broken a bone? yup
174. Shower or bath? shower
175. Do you have any cavities? a few
176. Have you ever worn braces? yes
177. What do you live in? An apartment
178. Would you choose true love or be rich? true love
179. Do you have cable? Satellite
180. Do you play computer games? Yeah lol
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AHhhhhhhhh [Aug. 9th, 2005|11:04 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Pop Princess- Click Five]

So i've been having a wild summer!! A very wild summer, lots of randomness especially with boys! I'm meeting lots of new boys, and lots of old ones are coming back! its driving me nuts tho, cause seriously i dont need a relationship!! I'm going away to university! I need FUN!!! I have 25 DAys LEFT!! I DUNNO WHAT I"M GONNA DO!! But i met this guy that seemed pretty great on the weekend!! Dip and Kiss hahaha thats a classic! So i hope i see him again because that could be something fun for sure before i go away!! Backstreet Boys were unbelievable!!! I mean i was doubting the performance a little but oh no they shone on through and kicked some ass! They are sooo goood seriously for me backstreet boys = <3
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